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health care catering service in Dubai

Do you know that diet is an inevitable part of your life especially when you are recovering from a surgery or illness? Based on the patients’ needs, every hospital provides nutritious and healthy food nowadays. Here comes the role of best healthcare catering services in providing proper food for those hospitalized patients and staff.

Blue Ginger Catering LLC provides healthcare catering services in UAE with utmost attention in providing hygienic and healthy food. We use only certified ingredients to ensure the food is safe and healthy. The efficiency in handling and distributing the meals, food management at apt temperatures, advanced food preparation techniques make us the best among our competitors.

We take great effort in buying vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, and dairy products daily. Our kitchen is rich with the professional chefs who are highly trained in preparing food for the patients, bystanders and the hospital staff. All the team members are well aware that the meal times in hospitals can’t be delayed or compromised at any cost. To ensure this, our team coordinates to deliver the food without any delays.

Healthcare food catering services offer a wide range of delicious and nutritious meals according to your dietary needs and tastes. Every dietary change and suggestions to a patient will be notified of the catering service. By cross-checking the needs of particular patients, a proper balanced and healthy food will be sent to patients on time.

We aim to provide a variety of dishes so that patients never get bored with the same taste. For those who are staying for a long time, we give extended choices too.

Some of the diets we focus on while providing healthcare catering services in the UAE are as follows:

  • Renal diets
  • Fresh soup
  • High-calorie high protein diet
  • Liver-friendly diets
  • Diabetic food
  • Cardiac diets
  • Pediatric diet
  • Meals for bystanders
  • Staff meal

We focus on preparing the food not just for taste, but to make consumers happy, healthy and satisfied. The experts at our kitchen try every new dish that raises your taste buds yet keeps you healthy. Our team adheres to improve the health of patients, hospital staff and all our valued customers. It is our responsibility to provide our clients with a safe and productive environment through our nutritious foods.

A balanced diet, being an integral part of healthcare, catering at hospitals, therefore, needs special care and commitment. Not only do we focus on hygiene, but also, we put appealing, tasty and nutritious food on the table for a fast recovery.

We, as a whole team, are committed to providing food complying to highest quality standards. This has led our catering services to be one of the best partners for your healthcare institution.

Come, let’s together make a healthy world!

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